Thursday, October 25, 2007


DATE ; 6.10.2007
TIME ; 2 A.M
SITUATION - 5 days left for my first semester exams
STATUS - 60% portion done 'Thank God ,ill pass'

Well after learning a few lessons from the first year ,this year''2nd year'' I started studying about 3 weeks before.
Started off by collecting notes, 'xerox notes' ,thank god somebody invented it else I dont't know what would have happened to people like me who are generally found out of the clssroom. lolz 'infact had fallen short of pocket money owing to them'.

At that moment of time'in which the pic was taken' , I was so sure of doing well in my exams that I didn't study anymore,'tried to act smart and only covered the portion featured in the last 3 years papers'.This time around I expected to do really well.
And when the 'THE DAY' came,I still had portions,which remained untouched, tensions were on a high with my palms sweating 'I really wanted to avoid this,this time around but just couldn't'.
And after my first paper ,my expectations were washed away ,all what was felt was a sense of 'betrayal,I gave to myself',so from the next paper, I just went in, with no expectations and did what ever I could do, in the given time.
''It was as if the examiner knew what all portions I had felt, and gave those topics in the question paper, and this happened in all the papers ,not just one''.
Well none of them were good ,they were just 'okay' and 'fine'.
Yes I would definaltely pass,but passing was'nt ever an issue for me, I just need to score better cauz I have good brains and I need to show that.
What I need to learn from this is that, I shouldn't take my academics lightly, its time to become serious.
I better pull up my socks before its too late.


rOhit said...

reminded me of mine experience.. ur still in a much bettr i use to keep some portion even for the time i climb up to my class..:P

i loved ur post on depression of a teenager in another blog..

could completely relate to it..:)

good work keep it up..:D

ShAkE Inc. said...

Exams are a necessary evil as they say. A bit drag at times, not to mention monotonous. But surely one cannot avoid it. I used to detest them and am glad I don't have to burn midnight oil to clear them anymore :-)))

Anyways u will pass with flying colors.

Err...did i say 'pass'? ooops. I meant, you will score bigtime...really. ALL THE BEST!

ShAkE Inc. said...
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shivangi said...

well written...good that exam fever is now over..its now the festive season..have fun:)