Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wonder ...........

So before I get my results ,its time for some fun, I am going for an excursion 'its part of my course, heehehh' to Ramthombore-Jaipur-Agra 'we all call it a picnic.Surely looking forward to it , as its with my college friends and the memories gonna be there with me forever.

Well I have seen the Taj Mahal before '4 years back' ,and yes I was spellbound after looking at it,and I am sure this time its not going to be any different.'its a piece of amazement and beauty, ITS JUST PERFECT.
Haven't been to Jaipur before so looking forward to it, and also crossing my finger to site a few tigers at Ranthambore.

So won't be blogging for a few days 'till 1st November'.

btw I guest blogged on Shake Inc's 6ix-feet-under ,have a look .He's also responsible for the new look of my blog:)


ShAkE Inc. said...

An epic in stone. Love immortalised. Captivating the mind and soul. Waah Taj!

manojvasanth said...

Have a Great Trip!!! Enjoy :)

Cold & Silent..... said...

just hope i get such educational trips all thru my life

have fun.