Saturday, October 20, 2007

i-pod n Me

It was the year 2001 and the man Steve Jobs who bought this creation to light, though it was June 2006 when I finally got my hand on one.

It so happened that, that just 2 minutes before my standard 12Th's board result, I told my dad that 'I want an i-pod if I get above 80%',and he said 'anything you want you will get' cuaz he expected me to get around 70% odd ','even I didn't have the confidence of getting above 80%', it was just a fluke which I had attempted.
But it so happened, that I got above 80% ''to my amazement and disbelief'',and now it was time for me to get my reward. 'that was one of the biggest moments of my life'.

So I earned it ,and since I laid my hand on my I-pod, my happiness quotient has risen many fold.I have a song for every mood and moment, I can deal with everything,even 3 hours of hectic travelling in the crowded trains and buses of Mumbai.My each day starts and end with it.

Just love this gadget, and here's a salute to everbody who put their minds on it .
Kudos to you guys


Still searching said...

Oh yes! totally understand your excitement about the ipod.. i just bought myself an ipod touch, and its awesome! its also my first ipod! :)

jacky jovi said...

i-pod...!!its always handy to carry ur musiz with ur self...! its a companion u can ve when u simply want to be with ur self...!! dun ve one... bt den i carry ma musiz in ma heart naa...hehehe!!! keep rolling jiggs

matty said...

kool gal..well even i felt the same when i got mine!!