Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Awesome 4some

Left to Right Juilee, Me, Sharvari, Arti - THE INSANE BRIGADE LOLZZZ

'Life is full of surprises,You never know what would happen to you in the next moment'. I went into my trip hoping to create some wonderful memories and discover another pocket of India's rich and diverse heritage.But faith had other plans for me, which hooked me up with three insane humans of the same kind. And when this much insanity aggregates together the result has to be ballistic. LOLzz

All we did through out the seven days was laugh ,laugh and laugh soem more''yaah really that's all we did''.
The incidents of our insanity are better untold, to save all of us from a lot of embarrassment ehehheheh, we encountered a lot of unwelcomed guests too but soon the insanity got to them. LOLzz
So I don't know how to start talking about these girls, there's so much to tell with so little space. 'btw this line is only included cuaz these girls will read this post' LOLzz

Lets start with the sweetest of them JUILEE, she is really a kid at heart who's million dollar smile makes hearts melt.ehehheheheeehehe
Then comes SHARVARI ,who was the pick of the trip for many 'LOL' and once she starts laughing no body can stop her with everybody in a 100 meter radius, comes to know that some where a joke was cracked. Her laughter travels faster that light. LOLzz
Lastly, ARTI ,how can I forget this girl ,I would really pay somebody who could make her quite, her brain works faster than a rocket when it comes to smart talk.'She is a clear winner, hands down in this ' LOLzzz

Well I just bargained for a few happy memories but I got three wonderful friends in return. You girls really made my trip extra-ordinary had tons of fun.

Thanks a lot for all the wonderful memories.


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zahid said...

Hmm... sharvari seems to have a great sense of humour ....but is she like the sidhu from the great indian laughter challenge???