Monday, November 5, 2007

Here enters the Mighty Laila Ali - THE BOXER

btw this post is the works of 2 useless people who got no other work in the middle of the night, so one of them thought about writing about the other,''btw some months back I almost forced this girl in making her blog'but couldn't succeed in making her post regularly' ,so on the eve of her 3the post here's a few words for her''.

Well firstly Miss Boxer is actually not a real boxer',its just a name giver to her by Bhojpuri',in fact shes the target for all,owing to her sensitive skin which leaves a mark of our offences. LOL
She's my laughter twin, we laugh all the time v'r together 'insane people we are'. Put together on any stage we can easily beat anybody when it comes to laziness 'no kidding',some nostalgic memories coming to mind. hahahhahaa
Plus working with her so easy 'she does what ever I say',hahahahahah
To put a cherry on the cake.......

oohh ohhhh ohhhhh
Just came to know that boxer is writing a story for me 'so no more praises for her,as I bribed her to do the same for me in exchange',so I guess IL have to put the cherry on the cake later and write a story abt her.

Here it comes,

Once upon a time ,an ordinary girl Alisha Iyer wore a black T-shirt with a red dragon on it,since that day this ordinary girl has encalcated the powers of a dragon and now is better known as THE BOXER.
She has taken the outh of spreading bleh bleh bleh 'ask her abt it', everywhere.And anybody who comes in her way would be tossed and turned into bleh. Some people have already been blehfied.
'So beware'
She is the queen of Blehland and no one has the strenght to beat her in Blehland.
Well wishing her all the best and 'God save me' cuaz , I am just told that the next target to be blehfied is poor ME.

I just relised that my story is really crappy so I better continue putting the cherry on the cake.
She is a gem of a girl,one person I can cry my heart out to, blabber anything and everything ,always smiling away to glory and just been their to partner me in all the craziness and madness.

btw she has written a story on me on her blog, The Fundy Duckling.Take a dig at it.

One more thing all the aforesaid is the works of 2 empty minds so please do not pay any attention to it.


s.H.a.S.h.I said...

hehe.. nice one..

Anonymous said...

heyy itz relliii nice n mindles lolz d way it was supposd to be!

Express said...

hahahahahh!! hunted down this topic from references from alish's blog! her story is way better! LOL, see, honest audience haha..

Love u both gals, wish u the best in anything u do :-)