Friday, November 2, 2007

No Expectations

Sometimes in life ,things happen which makes you wonder about people and their behaviour changes.At one moment they are the once 'who cared' and the next they become strangers who wanna axe you.Time and again I have said human relations are complex 'proved yet again'. I hope one day we find a way of getting out of this vicious cycle.

I've always been the responsible one ,done the right things, said the right words, made sure no body gets hurt, thought about others before myself, dealt with situations being in the shoes of other 'btw I am not praising myself,just putting some things, to throw light on the topic been talked abt' LOLZ

But all this 'Goodness of mine',''as I may say so'',hasn't done any good for me, time and again I end up getting hurt.People take me for granted, and I get pushed into yet another emotional dungent.
I guess Ive reached a point in my life where Iv had enough.And hence forth I wont have any kind of expectations from anyone anymore.

I've always believed in the saying ''If you do good things, good things would happen to you''. I still believe in this and will continue to 'the good things' but won't have any expectations in return.


jacky jovi said...

human relations r complex...! dun knw on which end i receiving end, like u...or on de other end, unlike u!! bt its complex... so nothingz absolute...! we keep swinging between dese two ends..! i get hit... n sometimes, i hurt as well...!!
a nice post...looking fr more

lucfier said...

well i just wana say that keep d faith ,its your introovertness thats making u feel this way , dont give any one so much liberuty that he can hurt you

umangexuberance said...

i think i know exactly what you mean
being taken for granted just 'coz you always care for the other person
trust me goodness does you no good

and not having any expectations..well easier said than done :)

Vinni said...

:-) well someone needs to be on the higher ground show others the way. dont you think so?

SiD said...

well..guess i can co relate to the post to quite an extent.. stopping to expect something from others.. I have done exactly the same but still don't know if it is the correct thing to do or not.. some times I feel, to have a good relationship, it is good to have expectations.. pata nahi.. relationships are complex.. isn't it??

btw nice blog u have here... the other one too.. me too cricket crazy !!!:)