Wednesday, December 17, 2008







That's Necrosis

That's Anirudh the lead vocalist, I gotta pose with him.
I love him :P

That's Bhojpuri (Shreyas) and Alisha (Boxer)

Alisha seems high lolz, and Shreyas is getting his ass kicked inside the mosh pit
btw Ali, I got my Revenge and this pic is gonna stay lolzz

You guys rock so do I :P
and I am the bestestesest :D

And my shoes tooo :P

My head hurts and my neck, I just hope I make it till tomorrow, its Terracotta (Ravi Iyer's new)and Cirkles playing.


Alisha said...

pleese take off my bhayanak pic pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese i beg yyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuu

aditi said...

no way ali
this pic is not going anywhr
its revenge time for me
remember i begged to u
n u didn't take off mine

so iv learned from u :P
that pic rockss :P

Express said...

Hahah! Let the pic be, its awesome!

I missed the competition, hw ws it, who won?
n anirudh, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! nice nice..

Im coming 2day 4 sure, I had 2 choose one and I chose the concert..
I hope i dont regret...


aditi said...

well i was too busy with other things,i missed who won :P
well Ravi Iyer is coming n i am sure he is gona play floyd so it would be worth it

Alisha said...

he aint playin floyd...its his new fusion floyd doesnt seem to be like it

d gypsy! said...

:) nice

Express said... floyd

but cirkles ne 'wish u were here bajaya nah' fundo ws right :P

and the fusion thing ws too goooddd!!
so, no regrets!

Ajan said...

Makes me feel like ritin a blog about my Friends' Metal band..
hmm..gud idea!
nice pics!
hey,do you mind, posting their songs or links to their songs..

aditi said...

circkles was awesome
though half way thru terracotta shreyas got bored n dragged me out
i wish i was 6 feet then atleast i could fight him.

i dont have thr originals
but i guess ill try finding them on youtube