Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well this morning i was half asleep when my mom announced reading the headlines from the newspaper that troops have been deployed along the borders and personals have been recalled. It transported to a time about 9 years back. I was in 5th or 6th standard then and the memories of that time are still fresh in my mind. Kargil war somewhere shaped me and has had a big impact on me. I guess I grew up too fast then.I still remember I was at my grandparents place back in Punjab and my dad was to join us in a few days but he was recalled, it was official India was going on a war, a war which was never expected, it was shortly after the peace bus service with soon began, fighter jets taking off early morning, my house been painted in camouflage, dads squadron deployed, the black outs of an entire station the late night threats and dad rushing out in a few seconds i still remember i couldn't sleep the entire night he was out. uncles telling stories of their air assaults . I watched things on television and all did was wonder WHY. there was heavy causality both sides and i still remember a letter of a Pakistani soldier' wife telling him about his the end of the day we all are humans and in a war we kill other human being. there were moments where i couldn't find any logical reason behind the war. why fight over the mistakes our ancestors have made. why kill for a piece of land. is loosing scores of lives for a piece of land worth it . well the patriot in me says yes, i lie my life to defend my land. and there are no buts. i tired getting this fact outta my mind and disconnect my self saying its just a piece of land. but its not just a piece of land its my land. i wish i had a way to stop all the blood shed but unfortunately i don't. and i don't know when its going to end. all i can do is do everything in my power to stop it. back then i was 11 now i am 20, the word war still leaves jitters down my spine i don't want the nightmares to come back. i still ask why all this what is the purpose behind it all, what is anybody gotta get outta it. who is accountable for all the lives.Here i am still searching for answers, but in between there is one thing i am sure of NO WAR, i'l do what even it takes in my power but i wont let us go on a war again.

P.S - If you have read this, hmmm I dono what to say to you.