Monday, December 22, 2008

MANTRA is Out :D

That's the official fest Mag - MANTRA
Editors - Aditi Gupta and Alisha Iyer :D :D

The first ever magazine which I officially edited (well designed and bought in a sponsor to print it too) :P
It was put together in one night from 8 pm to 8 am. :P

P.S- I am currently unemployed :P :P
If you wish to see the entire mag, I can mail it :D


Express said...

hey hey heyyiiiii
when can v lay hands on it?!!??

i wanna see wht u guys cooked up mere naam se :D

Anonymous said...

calm down on the comic sans f(r)ont next time!

scan it and put it up here yo

aditi said...


if u headin to colg then pick it up from the vpm office else contact monamie
n dont kill us after readin ur article :P


point noted

i got jpeg of it
drop in ur mail id ill sent it
i cant put it up on the blog


joiedevivre said...

ohh i wud surly luv to see dat
my id is

skeptic saint said...

hey congrats....

so editor haan?? u seem to be going places in the literary circles... first journalist and now editor...grtttt...

yeah send me that...wld luv to look up ur fest mag...

Express said...

aahhhh, tum logone kya banaya uska!
and parth in FY? hahahhahaa!! demote kar diya bechare ko :P

koi ni, good effort!
and all over the magazine , u cud see the alisha effect..
"bleh" "macchars" etc etc..

good job ladkiyo!

aditi said...

@joe n skeptic saint

iv mailed n gimme a feedback:P


yaah it had to be bleh . she cant write w/o that lolzz
parth in fy lolzz i guess after workin all night we didnt realise wt we were writin any more


Anonymous said...

Congrats :)

aditi said...

thanks gal

Ajan said...

KEWL!! now, thats two of my frns into the magzine industry.. :D hehe!!
mail it to me tooooo!!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

thanz for the feedback :)