Thursday, April 17, 2008

$$ IPL $$

Its been a long time since I have written about my First Love i.e Cricket ;)
18th of April, 2008 marks another Chapter in the game's history :)

IPL 'Indian Premium League' starts from today and has got everybody talking about it for all the good and the bad reasons.

Finally a day has come when I wont have tears in my eyes after if I see Sachin getting out for a duck or Pathan been thrashed for 70 runs. I wont be biting my nails in a close finish nor would I be sad when my team loses. :D:D
IL be sitting back and enjoying all the matches, after the T-20 World Cup we already know the kind of adrenal rush, this format of the game brings. And IPL promises the same, with some of the best players fighting it out in the middle.
It would be quite a site watching Sachin and Jayasuria open for Mumbai Indians, Dhoni batting against Ishan, Shreeshant,Pathan, Brett Lee bowling for Mohali's 11 Kings, Ganguly facing Harbhajan. Would definitely be a treat to watch :D:D

It would also give the Local players a chance to shine and learn from their much experienced team mates, IPL would act as a platform from where they can dawn the India Cap, plus the amount of money they getting is bonus.
Talking of money, after looking at the player auctions the moolah involved is really astonishing, it seemed as if the corporate world has gone nutts over IPL :D, every body from big corporate house to film stars like Shahrukh kahn and Preity Zinta wanted a piece of it. Making debutants like Ishan Sharma Millionaires over night, the Monkey controversy fetched Symonds more money that his Captain Ricky Ponting and Dhoni ended up getting more money that Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid. It seemed as if a bunch of people who had zero knowledge about team composition went bizark fetching players based on their Brand value and popularity as against their requirement in the team line up.
Well what is done is done, I hope next time they do better.

IPL was launched by the BCCI to cut ICL 'Indian Cricket League', it also went on to banning the players who played for ICL. Though ICL wasn't much of a success but still managed to make a mark. And with all the buzz surrounding the IPL, its the BCCI who is making stacks of money. Its their greedy of money which has lead to putting media restrictions and as a result of which, IPL is been boycotted by many parties. BCCI is acting as a giant crushing everything that comes in its way.
But, I wonder how long can they dominate cause they are loosing respect and support day after day with its antics.

At the end of the day its the players who will run the show and its them whom we care about and enchant slogans for :D:D

I am supporting King's 11 Punjab, cause its my home team plus Shreesant, Yuvraj, Pathan, Brett Lee are in it :)
So its time to pick by your loyalties and get down to battle of another kind :D:D


crasiezt said...

It's gonna be difficult for me to pick 1 team..I like them all:-)

PS: At least 1 post a day from you!! Good going girl:D

Nirmal's Blog said...

i will be supporting mumbai and kolkata....

but my heart will be with bangalore team coz i admire Vijay Mallya a lot......

ha ha..lols i will be supporting half of the team..

pj said...

shreesanth in wonder u chose mohali!...:D!
i used to like crick alot bfore...but now ther are so many forms of cric...ipl,icl,20-20,odi,test...blah blah....its getting boring to watch all of these....still if i had to pick one i'd say...mumbai indians!..:)

Anonymous said...

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Nits said...

Well im not picking any one now!
Let the games begin...ill take the side of the best team..:-P

blog updated...

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ craziest

my holidays r on n i got nothin else to do :D
yup me too like them all but supporting mohali :D

lets see who wins :D

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


well shreeshant is one of the biggest reason, i am soooo sooo gald he a part of my home team
i cant get enff to cricket :D:D
i can watch it for the rest of my life :)

will try it :)

thats a good way to be save
will chk it


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

kolkata nightriders for me tis. :D

The Raconteur... said...
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The Raconteur... said...

I will support Mumbai Indians ...

and it is simple ... that is because ... Sachin ! He is the reason we all love the game .. today at the knight rider's - royal challengers event ... people cheered the most for him .. it is normal .. Gods have such an effect .. I used to be an atheist ... until i saw him bat!

Cricket is our religion ...
Sachin is our god!

Aalaa ray!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ busy writer
u got competition kings'11 punjab r on thr way :D

well i love the game for more reason than just sachin
lets see who wins, i rele wana see sachin bat in t-20.


Abhishek said...

IPL [:O] ... ??? wts that ... EPL .... oh that i knw coz this is the only game which plays with spirt n all stuffs .... IPL is all abt just spening hige bucks ....... n this is wt we call NATIONAL GAME ..... shame .... come on ppplzzzz i guess now v all pplz shud AWAKE AND RISE the true nationallity spirited game !!!!! Hockey v rnot performin well ... so in that case the palyers r not to be blamed ...... so r u watching IPL for enjoyement .... MONEY Spending .. n then its a probbs in india ki ..... With the same performance through out the IPL game .... v xpect them tp lay the same form in International game ........ Anjoy ... watching .... but then National Game - Cricket -- > MOney ..... think abt it ..... adios cheers !!!!

Anonymous said...

I am suporting priety zinta....ahem...mohali too....:P

Alok said...

I think the credit goes to the thinkers behind ICL.

I mean cricket in this format is enjoyable, and will take the game to a new domestic level. Unfortunate how BCCI has acted, copying ICL, and then banning players!

skeptic saint said...

yeah ipl is gonna be fun for sure...

n i second samby's thooughts on my fave

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ abhishek

take a chill bill dude !!!
n leme enjy cricket w/o any tears :D:D

@ samby
preity is not palyin in the team :P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


i second ur opinion, icl should sue
bcci for this.
n bannin palyers dont do any good for the game. more players means more talent pool to represent the national side. bcci just cares for money
hope they learn a lesson soon b4 its too late.

@skeptic saint

well if the support for mohali is incresin cz of preity, i got no complaint :D
cheer my team to victory thats wt ill say to u n samby :D:D


Alok said...

I think I've solved the mystery behind :D :D :D :D :D :D

It's the combined effect of this darn heat and this IPL mania right?

Uh no wait, umm... Summer vacations!!!!

I won't have summer vacations for the first time in my life this summer.

Internship! Oh woe! Thus begins the vacation devoid phase of my life. ;)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...



hahahah :D
well yaah just freakin out in my summer vacations.
this would be the last summer vacations of my life :(:(
so doin everything i can in them
n now i am so addicted to bloggin that my days is nt over if i dont post :D:D: