Friday, April 4, 2008

A Normal College Day :D

My result of 2nd year is due on 10th, and to my amazement my 2nd year is already over:( The year just passed, in a flash. Now, all I am felt with is some memories.
So on this note, I'll record my activities of a normal college day.

5.30 the alarm does off
I get up around 6:10 after being dragged out of the bed :D
Get ready 'stuffing all that I can see laying around on the study table, half the time I forget my specs LoL ' and practically sprint to the train station .

7:03 thats the timing of the train which I generally catch 'if I am lucky enough then I am able to stand in it else I have to hang outta it :D',takes me about 30 minutes to reach the College ka station plus about 7-8 minutes on foot and I reach the college gate where I am stopped by the watchman who tells me to wear my ID' everyday I pass the gate at least 10 times but then also he wants to check my id 'anyway I juggle my bag and practically empty it LoL then finally I find it, in the front pocket, silly me' LoL
My practicals start at 7.25 and by the time I reach the Lab, my watch already reads 7.45 :D:D, but there are others too who gimme company outside the lab. Finally after a lotta requests, sorries, and at times an apology letter too, we are allowed to attend the practical :) but we never learn and every time the same story repeats :D:D:D

I'll spear you with the details of what all we do in our practicals' I'v attaches snaps of the shark which I dissented earlier ;)'
At around 9:30 they get over, and then I realize that I'v again lost the key to my locker 'me n express share one, and I trouble her alot for the key, thanks a ton gal for bearing me through out the year:)'
So now its time for Vishnu 'the tea n coffee wale uncle near the college,he's world famous in all of Ruia College' LoLzz
There I meet my friends 'including Alisha', most of them come around 9ish though their lectures start at 7:25 :D
Sipping on 2 cups of Vishnu's coffee sets the tone for the day, at least I can pretend to keep my eyes open during those boring boring organic chemistry lecture 'which I only attend cz my names features in the blank list'.

Hmmm now the watch says 10:10 and I run inside the classroom, enter from the back and occupy the last bench :D 'and if its my lucky day, I am not called in the first row' then I some how get through the lecture taking some notes, drawing things at the back of my book, day dreaming, chatting etc etc etc.
I generally skip the 2nd lecture(at 11:05) :D,but to cover up my very poor attendance I sometimes attend ;) ehheee

Each lecture lasts for about an hour and by the time its 12(3rd one), all I do is practice sleeping while sitting 'my specs come in handy in doing so'. LoLzz

The final bell rings for the day at 12:45' oppss but there this fc class too which I haven't attended all thought this year'. Btw fc means foundation course, which includes history, politics, economics covering the basics of these fields for us Science students. But 4 hours of reading one day before the exam is enough for us to crack it. It's kinda fun cz I really find it light after the heavy theories n fat-fat reference books :)

Then its time for us to hit Mani's 'the friendly neighborhood Udipi',where I'v been ordering Idli-chatini for the past one year LoLzz.

So on paper by College gets over at 1:45, but I reach home by 5-6.
Well what I do in that time, ill leave it for another post ;)
btw this time also including one hour of Journal writing in the reading hall .

And now I have holidays for about 3 months and I am badly missing everything :(


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

haha! college life must be so amazingly fun eh? hehe! i have many of my friends in collegs too..damn, listening to their fun-filled-stories every sec makes me all so green! hehe! lol. nicely written here...i could literally imagine it all happening!

cheers! :)

pj said...

hehe...nice one..
that 'standing in the train' and 'gettin late fr lectures' is quite a common phenomenon i guess....i thought i was the only one!...but thankfully we dnt have to beg the teachers fr lettin us in...we always manage to sneak through the back door of the classroom!..lolz..

and hey do u actually hang? in d train?...quite risky yaar

Soham Chakraborty said...

hmmm quite a interesting day ... not this much in here as I live in hostel ,I miss such a life . Sad !

Anyways the tag has been done .!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow.... I never had to rush to school or college..cause i lived in hostels all the way..but yeah now from pg ...i have to rush...but not mush as u ..i am a early riser..:-)... raat bar roswell pada to 6 baje kaise uthe gi ???

Sahi hai.idli chati kitne ka milta hai???

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


@busy -writer
Yup college life is fun but so was school life , i really miss school :( . enjy it thr the golden yrs.:)

ull have all the time in ur colg life too to enjy:)

the train thing is comman to all lol ,yup we rule the classrooms but unfortunately they rule the labs :(
so gota take thr permission b4 entering
yaah the back door rockss!!! lol

well i generally avoid hangin but when i am dead late i have to other option:(
i knwo its too risky


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


well i guess ur lifein hostel would be eventful too in its own way:)
id love to stay in a hostel :)
awesome answers on the tag!!!

gettin up int eh morning is a big big pain for me lolz , yaah after my roswell time i sleep ard 2- 3 then 6 o clcok utana in an uphil task lolzzz
idli chatini is for 12 bugs :)
i eat it everyday lolzz


Alisha said...

heyy fundo!!
made me think of our year gone by man!!!makes me wanna post abt it too!was great na is baar??full on fun kiya!especialy scanning in security!!hehehehe

@samby...idli chutney...wonly 12 bucks!!that too proce badha diya manis ne..was 11 its totalll paisa vasool..u guys gotta eat there sumtime!!

Anonymous said...

@ aditi n alisha...

my pg aunty gives me idli every morning... n i am sick of idlis ..:P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ alisha

yaah you should yaar,yesterday i was really missing everything thats why i wrote it
some amazing memories!!!

n scanning security u like cz i fell naa lolzz
i guess u n shreyas wont even forget it lolzz


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ samby

yaah i love those idlis
u sd try them 4 sure
ull paka like them :)


Alok said...

Nice post.
Loved hearing about your college life.
Keep writing!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


I am surprised to see such a small comment from you :)


gunj said...

3 months k holidays!!
effin cool yar!!
lucky u!!

maverick said...

lol...nice description of the day...damn i miss my engineering days..they were so much fun :D

blog updated :)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


yup they were fun at the begining , now they suxx
2 months more to go
n i am already college sick:(

College days r always fun
i guess u must have as much fun as I did :)


morinn said...

Your normal day looks really out of the ordinary I would say! It seems like an exciting life! :P I have the habit of returning home many hours after class as well. LOL. 3 months holidays! you are so lucky. :P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


Yes it is:)
3 months holidays do suck:(

keep visiting

Solitaire said...

awwwwww college days were great fun!! i miss them a lot!

crasiezt said...

Awesome description girl! Reminded me of my college, though I hardly ever attended classes! I had less than 40% attendance, but used to kinda sweet talk my way out of the situation:P

Good to know you're a backbencher:-) Life's the best there isn't it!
Coming late's so bloody difficult to get to places on time, specially college! And going home several hours later...same pinch:D

Have a nice time chilling:-)

rOhit said...

Ruia College? If I'm not wrong Matunga mein hai rite?

I miss college days. Mine was KC. :(

Friendly nextdoor guy said...

which college is this Aditi?

quite alive, i must say

manisha said...

hey honey...its surprising u didnt mention nethng about the mumbai-world-famous Katta!!!!...well d best part about waking up in the morning is pressing the snooze button and goin bak to sleep..;)...well trains in Mumbai..aargh...i hve heard so much about vishnu frm my frnds...n lso sum sandwichwala!!!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


I have one yr to go b4 it ends :(

well my attendance is ard 45% this yr so might have to go to the vice principals office to collect my result but i have all the bahanas in the world to support my absence
as for the last bench u said it right thats whr life is indeed :D
as for hours spent after colg will be writing soon abt them :D:D


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ rohit

yes Matunga it is
Iv got one more yr to enjy mine :)

@friendly nextdoor guy

n yes my colg is alive n kickin :D:D

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ manisha

well the katta is really world famous lolz but me n my friends r more of the triangle n naka fans lolzzz
yes u gota try Vishnu's coffee n tea plus the sandwich wala near podar
i guess ur friends r from ruia ??
do hop in any day :)
n there dp's n a juice wala too:D


Anonymous said...

3 more days to go for the result hahahahahahahahahha

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

abey yaad mat karva
wed ko tension lena start karuge :(