Friday, April 11, 2008

Tibet -the larger picutre # 2

Come this August and curtain from yet another Olympic games will be raised, this time the host is Beijing,China. And the focus of the entire world will be on it. It will also mark a curtain raiser for China.
The current unrest in China's backyard is aimed at disrupting China's showcase into the world. It is aimed at defacing China at the world stage but doing so will also disturb the sanctity of the games.

I strongly believe that Sports and Politics should be treated differently. Yesterday the pro-Tibetan parties have out a warning about kidnapping and killing athletes. Something like this was shocking cause innocent lives will be at stake. Athletes will become mere puppets in the hands of their governments who cant back out reason being risking bad relation with China and if they go ahead a threat to their lives would loom over them.

Athletes prepare day in and day out for the Olympics, and when it comes down to this kind of conflict. The games no longer are about them but about dirty politics and hidden agendas which takes away the glory of Olympics.
Olympics are about victories and cheers and among all the present tensions I have my doubts on its spirit.

The news reads that Kiran Bedi, Rahul Gandhi, Baichun Bhutia have refused carring the Olympic torch. They all have personal reasons for the same but according to me it sends a wrong signal out. World over the pro-Tibetan lobbies have attached the Olympic torch and due to the same reason back home the torch relay is cut down to only 3 km in New Delhi.

These events make me sad cause targeting the Olympics and creating violence wont do any good to anyone but it would create more tensions and bad blood between the two parties.

I am not here to take sides, nor I intend to change your opinion about the same and may be I got some facts wrong but this is something which I have comprehended and I think is right.


Alok said...

Brilliant post.

In fact, this is one of the best post I've found roaming around the blogosphere in recent times. It is another perspective on this issue.

I like this post (and the previous one) because it presented to me another side of this issue.

I'll refrain from saying anything else because I have little knowledge about this issue. I'll find out more.

d SINNER!!! said...

I'll refrain from sayin much as I have a completely diff viewpoint but i respect urs..

all i wish to c is an independent Tibet...

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ alok
thanks !!!
well as i said the media is biased towards Tibet, i wanted to put light to another aspect of the same .

well all i want is the Olympic game to be played is its true spirit w/o any disruptions.


I'll reply to rest of your comments on Monday :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sis I liked this post alot:)

Nilesh Sawant said...

well...i agree to the fact that the olympics are really important..and it is the most prestigious sports tournament there is....but the things is the tibetian issue is way larger and more important..
and ironically no one is paying any attention to it...
for all i can see ....this is the only way the world will take notice at this issue...
as far as kidnapping the athletes are concerned is wrong...obviously

Anonymous said...

this is idiotic..mixing u p two completely diffrent issues...:-)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ indian
thanks :D

well they are using the wrong tactics to be noticed.
n disrupting the olympics dont fetch them anythin infact theyll create more probs for them selves .
i believe Tibet is an internal matter n needs to be resolved btw china n tibet

oyyee whats idiotic my article or mixing Olympics n Tibet haa

Anonymous said...

i told u already...

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


yup yup
its Tibet n the Olympics ur talking of :D


crasiezt said...

Didn't check your blog for sometime, and now there are so many posts here!

Nice post girl!
Though I don't know where I stand on this issue. Sometimes I wanna agree with you, and sometimes I don't...

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

my holidays are on plus ots been happenin ard me so got loads to write abt.
Well for me i think every issue has two sides to it :) i am tryin to show the other.
plus all i care abt it the Olympics :D n it been played in the right spirit :)


Nirmal's Blog said...

hey even i dont know much bout this issue...

i agree with many of ur views...
i understand that the real picture is still unclear...

and it is very wrong that they r targeting olympics which is a symbol of peace..

maverick said...

well i agree sports n politics shudnt b mixed..but then it does get mixed n thats a reality...hope the olympics go off in a good way :)

Alisha said...

as ive told u beofer fundo..i really dont know much abt this issue to comment....but then..ur post makes me want to know more abt will do my research...n tell u my views soon enough!

ranjita said...

agree with u completely on this one. something def needs to be done about the Tibet issue but the olympic games isn't the right platform to address a political debate. it would affect the athletes who train so hard if major countries boycott the games. thanks for writing about this. good job!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ nirmal

Yup the real image is still unclear and targeting Olympics wont fetch them anything

@ maverick

yup i hope so too :)
the athletes gave put some real efforts n thr moment of glory shouldn't be clouded .

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ alisha
sure gal :)

yup i agree fully with u , why punish the athletes ??
they sdnt be punished for wt thr politicians do


gunj said...

nice n informative!!
ill need dat fo my gd!!:)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


Thanx gal :D
luck with ur gd :)


The Raconteur... said...

Kudos for presenting the right picture on this event. Those who mourn about free tibet, and keep their mouths shut on the Israeli (American backed)occupation of Palestine are hypocrites of the highest order.1980 - 1984 olympics testify that olympics are used as political tools and do no good to the most important sporting event in the history of sport ... what free tibet? What were they doing till today? What was USA doing when they established a hotline with bejeing to strengthen diplomatic ties? Bejieng deserves the olympics! if you really long for civil rights and human rights then tell USA and the EU to back off from Iraq and Palestine and stop disintegrating nations! period!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


Agreed 100%

thr lots of other issues n more imp once wh need attention, the kind of support Tibet is gettin is due to a sense of hatred amg ppl for China .
n the media is not helpin the cause by presenting the real picture .

Nits Pandita said...

Gr8 one...
i don't really agree with china's point of view on 'tibet', but it really makes little sense to boycott the olympics, olympics is a show of spirit, grit of various nations.

IF people really had problems with olympics being held in CHINA why didnt they oppose it the day the right to host olympics was given to china?!?

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


Yup, why sabotage it 2 months b4 the games actually start .


Vikrant said...

nice post fundo! but frankly i donot agree completely. Although i do agree with d 'politics n sports should not be mixed' thing, i donot agree tht Kiran Bedi, Rahul Gandhi etc. have refused to carry d torch for their personal reasons. I also believe that the issue is not being hyped at all. I think Tibet has the right for their own government because the people there accept Buddhism as their religion and they do accept Dalai Lama as their religious leader. Reading a little on the issue would tell us the land belongs to the people of Tibet and not the communist Chinese. The land was conquered by the Chinese in the year 1950. if im not wrong! great post fundo, but i was thinking of writing something on this [:x]..

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


Well wt i think is, the issue is hyped cz thr a lot of issues in the world to be dealt with, Tibet is not the only one. Thr is a sense of hatred amg ppl against China thats the reason y tibet issue is gainin this hype i am sure not many supportin tibet actually kno ab the history n the other issues involved.
and yes i am not against tibet, infact i am a in support of tibet's autonomy.
all i am sayin is violence n sabotagin the olympics is no way to deal with things. infact its givin them a wrg name that doin any good.

write abt it leme hear another pt of view on the topic n add the history involved.


The Raconteur... said...

Tibet was part of China for a long long period of time, right up until the begining of the 20th century, under the imperial dynasty. after that the British got hold of it and in the 1930's gave it freedom! It is like British giving freedom to Hyderabad and Kashmir! If we stake the claim to these states then, Tibet was indeed a part of China, because under dynastic rule along with Dalai, who was a teen at that point, had no control over tibet. It was the war lords who controlled Tibet and practiced feudalism and slaveey. Although accepting Buddhism as a religion, does not give them the right to self determination. this is the chinese version. I believe in going about things dialectically, so now the tibetan demand for autonomy, is justified! No one opposes that, the Taiwan formula should be practiced but modernization of Tibet is not cultural genocide as being protrayed by the western Media! Free tibet is historically inaccurate .. Tibet was part of china and autonomy is the way to go.... Tibetan freedom struggle is funded by CIA to make a base around China. Although i don't accuse dalai of such acts, but he is passively party to it... How can a religioous head run a country? Wouldn't it be like afghanistan then, without violence? It is regressive! your arguments anticipated...
choco le ...