Friday, April 11, 2008

Tibet - the larger picture # 1

China's economy is growing at a rate of 10% for almost a decade, the global markets are flooded by everything 'Made in China' from toys to electronics and because of its low cost, is has lead to Job cuts and closure of many industries world wide. China is ruthless when is comes to competing with their counter-parts. This makes China a big threat to biggies and has lead to the seeding of mass scale hatred against China.

This is evident from world wide protests against China after the recent Lhasa riots and a wave of Tibetan uprising, the western media to some extent is biased towards Tibet and has at times painted an incorrect picture of the events which are actually happening in the region. The riots in Lhasa by pro-Tibet supporters lead to mass scale destruction of property and killing of innocent civilians too. Some elements in the Tibetan freedom struggle are resorting to wrong methods for seeking their demands. The world wide support for its cause it just fueling their ways.

Tibet wants an autonomous control and the all the power in its own hands, this brings us back home to Kashmir, where the demands are the same but are we ready to give up Kashmir??
I guess not, so how do you expect China to give up its claim on Tibet.
May be I not aware of things and hard facts, maybe my judgment is wrong.

I am not siding with China here, but the recent protests have sparked doubts in my mind about the involvement of external elements who are using Tibet as a shoulder to fire their gun. A lot of countries are jealous of China's growth and secretly aiding Tibet for their own political gains.
No country will openly condemn China for its acts and support Tibet cause doing so means straining relations with Beijing which would be like stabbing itself in the stomach.

In fact Dharamshala houses Tibet's government in exile since 1959, but New Delhi never recognized it as legitimate.Then also Tibet is one of the major reasons of the bad taste of affairs between the two countries. And in the present scenario considering China's might, New Delhi seems to be in a fix about how to handle the situation. Till now India has taken a cordial approach but soon it will have to take a decision about the future course of action.


Soham Chakraborty said...

baap re ... what a issue ... !! this is really serious .. !!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ soham
I have been reading up on tons n tons of text on china n Tibet and this is wt i concluded . yup the issue is goin to be serious considering the Olympics !!!

ans btw my current state of mind is rockin n rollin so nothing serious abt it


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said... have presented a diffrent take.... really never thought of it in this way

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


Every story has 2 sides on it .