Sunday, April 27, 2008

Grass is always Greener on the other Side :D

My life isn't been a smooth ride, it has had its share of thorns and huddles.

Broken dreams and sour memories are a part of everyone's life, and mine is no different.I clearly remember the days when I used to cry myself to sleep, used to lock myself inside my room and just sit doing nothing for hours and hours, had nothing to look forward to and no more dreams to fulfill. I had become a complete lifeless being back then.
As time passed things got better, I had stuff which I could look forward too. And also, I had gained some kinda strength which made me delusional about handling everything which came into my way.

As I have said before, life always has its ways of telling you 'Who's the Boss', and even after properly watching my steps I tripped again. It took me some time to get up but this time when I got up I had discovered an antidote to all the pain .
This antidote was 'laughter', I can literally say I laughed my way outta the pain and one day all I was left with was a lotta laughs and no pain.

I guess after you have gone through pain and misery you get to know what happiness and joy feels like. And I must say I cherish happy times now, more than ever before.
All this has also taught me to live for the moment cauz u never know what happens next, 'may be the earth stops spinning or a volcano erupts beneath you'. LoLzz

They say laughter is contagious, you should spread it.
And the reason why you see a lotta :D's and LoLz on my posts is cause I wanna spread this disease of mine to ya.
Trust me laughter doesn't hurt,its one of the must have diseases :P

I'll leave you with this quote said by some great guy 'who's name I am forgetting, blame it on my poor memory' :D
I was sad because I didn't have shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet.


Anonymous said...

i was happy with my life until aditi came into it...there was sadness all around

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


waa waa waa
I make u sad !!!

Mission accomplished :D


Soham Chakraborty said...

Very nice post ... everyone has a past .. some bad ..some good ... only the one who extracts the good out of it survives ... Everyone cannot do it but its good that u have done it . Whenever past comes rolling in our heads we see the mistakes which we made and learn from it .. very standard thought but its truth csnnot be denied !!

PS:- hmmmm thats why u use so many lolzz

Nits said...

so damn right aditi...pardon me coz i use damn a lot even my blog is named damnnit!!..:-P

anyway u know that is why i like chandler a lot, i believe he would crack a joke even during a funeral!!!

Now u shouldnt be that funny, but it definitely helps...keep 'LOLzing'!

Nitu said...

So dead true.. I always maintain a collection of "Tom & Jerry" and "Friends" episodes :) Laughter -an antidote that works always..

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


yup everyone has a past, n thats wt shapes our present.:)

as for lolzz
i wana spread some laughs ard make everybody diseased :P


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ nits

damn damn

yaah i crack really silly jokes like chandler a lot :D
n sometimes i dono wn to shut up :D


ohh yes tom n jerry love it to the core n nothing can beat friends


Express said...

Amazing post, I am proud of u gal! absolutely!

Volcano ws the bestest line, :-P

Alok said...

Nice lessons you've learned.

My policy: don't compare.

Just believe in yourself, and nothing will stop you.

And yet again, the following is dedicated to you:
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

pj said...

all i'll say is...:D:D:D....:)
btw it takes lotta courage to laugh wen u r down...but am happy tat u still manage to laugh ur way out of it...i guess i still have to learn to do tat...:)

gunj said...

you knw wat babe...looking at you i never thot uve had ur share...i always saw u smiling n i had d least hint dat u havnt always been d happy go lucky girl i thot u to b!!
anyways...its real nice to knw that nw you knw how to deal with it!!
im happy for ya:)

Nirmal's Blog said...

i live my life with same frowns no sadness...

no compliants...

i dont remember when i cried last time....
all i remember is when i made some1 crying to laugh.....

good post aditi....

i guess u dint made any typos this time coz that will change the meaning of whole posts,...lolsss

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


thanks gal!!!


:D :D


u wil to gal !!!
dont worry i transmit it to you :D


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


thnaks gal !!!
iv had my share
n i am happy i did, wont like to have things any other way really
cz those things happened i am what i am today
no regrets
onli :D :D


nopes no typos here :D
yup same here livin life for the moment !!!!


crasiezt said...

I liked your new template babe!

Life sucks sometimes, but it's true that you shouldn't let it get to you. And yes, laughing is the best thing to do:-) We should start a laughter club together eh?

PS: When I started reading the post, I thought it was some emotional thing..but thank god it wasn't:D Nice happy post:-)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ craziest

thanks :D
well i cant write emotional stuff
all my emotions have dried up onli laughter is left
:D :D

the laughter club is on :D


Sutta said...

After reading the title, I thought you have seen that recently released horribly disgusting movie SIRF.(pukeee)

But thank gawd it wasn't the case.:P

I'd just say, a mammoth amount yet awaits your return to experience, some paths unseen and destination unknown. So YES! Its correct; LIVE this moment before it isn't worth living. :)

P.S.- Cute pic on page! ;)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


yup yup
lotss more to come :D
i am just 20 :P

n thnks :D


ATAullah said...

my thoughts kept revolving only on these lines aditi .

"This antidote was 'laughter', I can literally say I laughed my way outta the pain and one day all I was left with was a lotta laughs and no pain."

i know the amazing feeling to actually make people smile or laugh for that matter and also the satisfaction and the pleasure derived from it .
you can just die in the satisfaction of the moment .
and might as well think of dying when reading these lines , "I was sad because I didn't have shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet."

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


well i am speech less.....

yup making others laugh n smile gives u a lotaa satisfaction n pleasure
but u gotaa learn to live for urself too :)
n make urself happy too.
n the line u mentioned thru wh that i was tryin to say that we often have the want of some things , n we r so blinded by that want that we forget to cherish other things wh we already have .

seems like ur a deep deep thinker, well i hope to rub of some of my lolzz on you too. :D