Friday, March 14, 2008

Guest Blogger : Samby

Of Me n My Laziness.

Lazy is defined as, "not eager or willing to work or busy oneself; slow and sluggish."

I was too lazy to modify the layout of my own blog. Jiggs helped me. Ha Ha, Hats of to her skills and my persuasion powers.
So when it came to write a post for her blog I zeroed in on "Laziness". Its perfect. Keeps with the light mood of this blog. Defines
a common thing between her and me. And yeah I wont be able to write long like I usually write cause m too lazy too. So the post length on her blog will be maintained too. Wah Taj!! kya baat hai....

Many people think because of being from a Army backgound and military baording on top of that, laziness is not one of my virtues. But it is. And fortunately so. Let me tell you why.

Laziness can be a great tool when applied in the right way. I’ve learned to apply it in small doses throughout the day. A five minute lazy break is sometimes necessary for me to get through a rough moment. Maybe it’s a slow walk to the stationary store ins college for a fresh pack of sticky notes that I don’t really need. Other days it’s going to the bathroom, locking the door and doing a slow dance. Yeah I am still quite shy to dance in front of my roomate!! I try to take “lazy breaks” a few times throughout the day, so I can stop to assess how I really feel. Self assesment is quite a necessity but in small does only. Just like laziness.

The feeling of being lazy for a few minutes and not thinking about work eases the tension in my muscles and thoughts. When the tension is released, I’m able to refocus my energy to getting the job done. And as I always seem to be surrounded by a mountain of work to complete (read overdue journals) , I guess i need every bit of that enery and good mood.

But then again, I have found that taking a lazy break is easy, but giving myself permission to do it and then getting back to my task is difficult. It takes intelligence to apply the right amount of laziness. Pata nahi chalta when those 5 min walks become long and I end up bunking the whole day. Or when that small jam session in the bathroom becomes the audition for the next Boogie Woogie competetion only to be rudely interrupted by the angry banging on the door by my roomate. Though sumtimes I flow with the music of door banging and the dance extends still longer. ;-)

Every life needs a balance between action and inaction, otherwise our minds and joints will break down. Try applying a little laziness to your day; use it for five minutes and then let it slingshot your thoughts back into action.


He's the new kid 'oppps he's 20' on the block. Each of his posts are worth reading, straight from the heart into the bloggerspace.
Check it out Enduring Spirit


skeptic saint said...

yeah i believe in the laziness theory...i just love hittng the snooze button on my alarm in the morning but then as you said,bt then that gets so late that i end up missing all the classes...

i m lazy n i m proud of that! lol! ;)

gunj said...

i second your opinion about samby's blog!:)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ skeptic saint
yaah its fine
until i fine day u realize ur late for an exams or even better u had to wake up at 3 in the morning to study for an exm which is at 8 and u end up getting up at 6 lolzz
else the snooze button rocks n rolls

@ gunj
yup he writes really well!!!


maverick said...

lol...lazy dance...ha ha ha...tht was nice...

good post :)

Express said...

He he, Nice flow to the post and lovely way of referring to yourself as "the new kid on the block".

I don't think I am lazy. Actually, the other way round. I used to be over-enthu, but now I am kinda laid, dunno...

But I completely agree with the short lazy break thing. I kinda believe that the work that we are doing gets done really efficiently with those tiny breaks. And whats best, you are neither too tired nor too tired and can move on to more work ;-)

I feel like the queer ducking here, yet doesn't stop me from complimenting a well written piece.


Express said...

typo typo,
neither too tired not too BORED and can move on to more work.


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ maverick

@ express
i refered to him as a kid , i added that line

as for lazy break they rock, but not b4 a major exam
as for typos
I do a phd in makin them :)