Friday, March 21, 2008

NEM - Metallica

Nothing Else Matters

Listen to it, if you haven't already.......

This song means a lot to me. I acts as a quick fix to all my problems each word has its smoothing effect 'donno how, but it just fixes everything for me'.
It gives such a 'High' and the world looks fine again and everything falls into place.

Listen to it, It wont let you down.:):)


skeptic saint said...

yeah this one's one of my faves...metallica rox...

and if you havent heard the apocalyptica version of it, i ll send you that...its just awesome...

Express said...

Metallica is a band very close to my heart. It has introduced me to the amazing world of metal, gotten me addicted to it. I can relate so much with the lyrics of all the songs. I can't choose a favorite. I have been through phases of madness for one song and then discovered the beauty of some other and then moved onto that 1.

Well, nothing else matters remains to be one of the most initial songs I loved, of the genre metal. It calms me too. Kept it safe in my iPod. When I look at this video, I feel sorry for all people who don't listen to metal. Not that I am trying to publicize the genre.. :-P

The song is a universal favorite.
The song symbolizes so many things simultaneously that it is more than just a song.
Words fail to do justice to the beauty of the song.


skeptic saint said...

@ express

i feel grt to know that you have such love for metal...but i think this song classically does not go into the genre of metal...its a love song primarily but as you said, it symbolises so many things...

metal-militant said...

@ skeptic saint:

So metal bands cannot write love songs?I know SO many famous metal love songs:'Moon of my Nights' by Kalmah,'Wander' by Kamelot,'Phoenix Rising' by Annihilator,'Dreams Come True' by Hammerfall,'I Died for You' by Iced Earth,'Rescue Me' by Mercenary etc just to name a few.And,how could I forget,more than 70% of Sonata Arctica's and Lacuna Coil's discographies have romantic themes.

Regarding Jiggs' post,yes,NEM is all that you described it to be and more.Its simplicity is compensated for by the depth in its lyrics.And the rhythm just WADES along man.

classy stuff.

Express said...

@ skeptic saint
he he, ishaan said most of the things I would say. Just would like to add,
classically the song does fall in the genre metal, in heavy metal.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

woooo ,
i never thought this would stir up such a controversy

@ skeptic saint
Firstly,thanks for mailing me the song.

@ express
yup me 2,i am still mad over this song

@metal militant
agreed its classy stuff

@ skpetic saint, express, metal-militant
Metallica is tagged as a metal band, that does not mean every song they make sd be 'ideally metal' NEM is just of the song wh they made.
so just leave it at that .
for me it falls under 'soft rock'

we all love the song, so lets not dissect it further.


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


wishing you all a happppyy HOLI

have fun!!!

Express said...

oooo peace maker jiggy queen, he he..

I din mean any offense, humor might be misunderstood as rudeness.
happy holi to you too..

metal-militant said...

Happy Holi to you too.

And Metallica is no longger classified as metal unless they correct that BLUNDER called St.Anger with their new release

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


@ express
no offense taken
REally none!!

@metal militant
lets leave it to being a band ,and NEM on of its best song evr :)


Vinod R Iyer said...

Metallica rocks :) .. I love Turn the page too equally ..

Alok said...

Ooof this genre thingy.
I hate it.
What matters most? The song being good or it being metal?

AC/DC is called "Heavy Metal" while they like to call themselves "Simple Rock n' Roll".

Children of Bodom are called "Melodic Death Metal", while they like to refer to themselves as a "Heavy Metal" band.

Opeth is called so many things, yet it still produces such surprises that these classifications are put to shame.

So chill, people.

Nothing Else Matters is a great composition in E minor, with a great song structure that has emotions filled up to the brim. You can actually feel Love in that song. The solo gives such a high that you forget everything else and jump into waves of pleasure!

It's a song that I'll cherish, because it, along with "Stairway to Heaven" (Check this one out too, Jiggs, if you haven't yet) introduced me to the wonderful world of Rock and Metal music.

P.S. A very happy holi to you all!

skeptic saint said...

@ metal militant(ishan), express guys perhaps misunderstood what i said...

i never meant that metal bands cant write love songs...what i meant was that this particular song does not go into the genre of metal...with its soft lyrics and *non-metal* music, this inintially didnt fit into all the metal compositions of metallica...and yeah i wld say that again...its not metal, if you know clasically what metal! @ heavy metal..

metallica having done this love song ofcourse means that metal bands can do love songs...n yeah there are some memorable love songs by even bands like nirvana,gnr and aerosmith...i never wld disagree to that...

yeah as alok said, the genre thing is very confusing...and so let us leave the discussion at that...


gunj said...

hey...great song thr!!
thanks for the recommendation!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


@ vinod
yup i equally like turn the page :)
its up thr too with nem

will try the song :)

@skeptic saint
i guess the misunderstanding is cleared :):)

i love the song :)


Alok said...

Skeptic Saint,

By the way, I think this song can be called Heavy Metal, though it's time signature is 6/8, generally associated with Blues.

That's what I wanted to say, genre specifications have really bleak boundaries.
Check out

metal-militant said...

@ skeptic saint:

'soft' doesn't mean a song can't be called metal.Its a ballad,but it's still metal because of its powerful emotional output.Listen to all the songs I mentioned,all of them have that quality though most of them are soft.If it wasn't a metal song,its lyrics would have given the impression of a utopia that the character is living in,that everything is perfect.But thats not the case (e.g:"Never care for what they do").

@ Alok:
The term 'heavy metal' has very little meaning and importance nowadays.Initially when bands like Sabbath and Priest gave the world this 'frightening new sound',the term heavy metal was still understandable because there was essentially just one way to produce that music.But later,bands like Metallica and Slayer created an 'even more frightening sound' by playing 'heavy metal' at at least twice the speed and introducing new concepts in fretwork and drum-playing.Basically giving rise to Thrash Metal. After that,many groups of bands took Thrash Metal to a newer level in their own way.Bands like Death and Cannibal Corpse played Thrash at double the speed and created Death Metal;Bands like Blind Guardian and Helloween gave an epic tune to it and created Power Metal;and bands like Mayhem and Bathory added a sinister,chaotic twist to it to create Black Metal.Moral of the story:There's no more such a thing called 'heavy metal'.The only thing that comes close to it is NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal),what Iron Maiden and Priest are ascribed to.


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


guys i guess ur love for metal is comin out pouring in ur comments

lets put this topic to rest
n enjy the music which we all
love !!!


Microwaveable cat said...

This is one of my fav songs... The lyrics, music and vocals totally blows me away everytime i hear it. Good to know that so many people love it too. This song is a must listen to any fan of music.

I also recommend November Rain by Guns N Roses which happens to be my fav song.

Anonymous said...

though i am more of a iron maiden fan.... metallica was never on my top list... but this songs gr8.. realy does give u a high... thx for the recommendation.


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


@microwaveable cat
btw nice name!!!

I agree it just blows u away!!
will surely listen to ur recommendations

@ samby
yup it does
try turn the page from metallica too:)


Gonecase said...


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

mine too, features in the top 5 fab song on my list :)

rOhit said...

This is surely a classic song!!
Hands down.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ rohit

yes it is :)