Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Review - Jodhaa- Akbar

Caught it a couple of days ago on the big screen, and those 180 bugs spent on the ticket were not a waste.
It surely lived up to the Ashutosh Gawarikar standards, the sets and cinematography were simply mind-blowing, specially the war-scenes were picturized which great perfection, it wasn't a pull out from the history books nor was is a fairy tale. It was a story about what could have happened between Jodha and Akbar, and how the Mughals and the Rajputs made India.
Taking about doing justice to the roles, Aishwarya Rai and Hritik Roshan did a fine job and portrayed their parts with full honesty.
The story fell apart at a couple of places and was patchy at times, it wasn't easy to sit for 3 and half hours but yes there were some times when you definitely wanted more.
If you haven't seen it, go watch it for the imagery and perfect detailing of that era. You'll come out mesmerized by the giganticity of the film.

My take
Awesome cinematography
The story lacked a flow
Good acting
Direction was flawless most of the times, but patchy at a few places.
3 and half stars


manisha said...

3 and a half stars for 3 and a half hr movie..he he...i mean watever hapened to fiddling wid history nly for the purpose of entertainment...???...dats depressing na???

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

well it wasnt an over dose of history nor was it a over dose of all mushy mushy made up things.
as per me it was a well balanced entertainer !!!


d SINNER!!! said...

Hey i liked the movie as well...


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


me 2 !!!

Anonymous said...

lolz...i never saw that film.... but judging by ur review it does not look that borin...;-)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ samby
It okay if u give it a pass !!


gunj said...

i loved only d ash n hrithik'z sword fighting wala scene!!

pj said...

awesome movie!....couldn't have agreed more on this one....it didn't really feel that the movie was stretched too long.....and for once aishwarya wasn't over acting....and hritik was as good as ever!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


@ gunj
The sword fight rocked, one of the high points of the movie :)
awesome execution!!!

@ pj
yup it was
as for acting it did live up hritik n aish's standard


Vinni said...

great movie! loved the scenes. indians have finally learned to make period movies!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...



yes they have finally,
this movie speaks volumes abt the cinematography techniques .