Monday, March 31, 2008

RACE - Avoid it

Well went to watch 27 dresses but it was already out, so ended up watching RACE. But if you are in my position please do not do so.
Its really not worth a watch in the theater, watch it on a DVD only if you dont have anything else to do.
As for the movie, the first part is still okay but the second is really bad.
I was ready to run. LoLzz
They tired all out to make it different but it was just like any other ordinary Bollywood flick.

But this movie proved Saif Ali Khans's coming off age, he's has joined the elite league of Bollywood now.

My take
Some good cinematography
Average acting
Below Average direction

1 star


Anonymous said...

Whaever you say i am still going to watch it because of katrina.. she needs me to buy tickets of her films so that they are in profit = more work for her.. she promised that if i do it 100 times she gonna marry me.. dnt wrry i'll invite u...

skeptic saint said...

well guess what i watched it today on lappy...and i just banged my head with all its unnecessary twists and turns...

anil kapoor is wasted with stupid jokes...and i cldnt figure out what the hell was there in sameera reddy's character?

but yeah both bipasha and saif looked real cool in the film...

i wld give it a 2...time pass...

gunj said...

i liked it!
even if thr wee so many shortcomings...i loved d supense :P

d SINNER!!! said...


i liked it rather...

I mean..yes..I did...

pj said...

abbas-mustan movies are just too over hyped and ultimately they turn out to be boring...

crasiezt said...

Saw it the the week it released..Sexy cars won't you say!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


phir alizee ka kya hoga??
invitation bhulna matt

@skeptic saint
yaah i agree anil kapoor was wasted with all that fruit lolzz
yup the flashy looks n cars r good

suspense hmmm
it became too much

@d sinner
i liked the first half!!

yup true:)

yup n sexy saif too lolzz


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

come onnnn, saif looked drop-dead-hawt! :P hehe! and the movie was sure good! okay yea, too much of the suspense factor..made it more like an overdose, yea true..but still! it was fast atleast!!

btw, ur page takes so long to load..

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

i agree saif did look hot :D

but i really found the seocnd half too boring :)


manisha said...

i m wid u ..i m wid u....d plot was so confusing....nd i was so much irritated wid sameera reddy's oh-i-m-pretending-to-be-funny-n-sexy overacting!!!