Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tag - 7 Random things

Was tagged by Gonecase

Write about 7 random things which come to your mind
Tag 7 people
7 Random things

1. I love to read 'I have practically grown up reading Hardy Boys',I can go on for about 8 hours without stopping 'completed the DaVince code' in about 2 days. And I hate Harry Potter 'I know I will be thrashed for writing this but yes I do, I dono why people wana read about magic and wizards??

2. I don't like to eat, I like to drink LoLzz .
hello I am talking about drinking water,juices,milk,soft drinks etc etc *winks*

3. Sports is an integral part of my Life 'specially Cricket',I literally eat and sleep Cricket LoLzz. Have spent the past 20 years doing so, wish to continue the same for the next 80 years :)

4. Somebody is given me a lotta missed calls I fell like getting inside the phone and punching him. @#$^% #*&()%&

5.I just realized that I am giving CAT in November, still haven't started studying :(

6.My biggest weakness are chocolates, I'd do anything if somebody gives me a bar of TWIX :):)

7. As it is said 'every cloud has its silver lining', I just found mine so current state of things are rockin n rollin for me .

I tag Samby, Express, Alok, Manisha, pj, Umang, Alisha


d SINNER!!! said...


about Potter series, i like them but more on screen and I am not a fan literally...

nicely done...

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... never read nancy drew huh???

n well m happy that u have foud ur silver lining... :-).....

nicely done...


Express said...

I know of your love for chocolates man. Now you know why I gave you a chocolate card ;-)

missed calls huh?? hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :-P

Alok said...

Man, I hate tags!
I've been dreading this day since I discovered these things.

No offense to you, In fact, thank you for tagging me! :)

Oh well, I think I'll do it as a comment here, then.

7 Random things about me:

1) I am a Mahrashtrian by birth and yet don't know Marathi (I can understand it, but speaking it isn't my cup of tea.)

2) I have lots and lots of ugly pimples growing and hogging space all over my beautiful face!! :( ;)

3) I've never had any broken bones in my life. *whew!*

4) I don't believe in luck of God.

5) I still hate haircuts. I like my hair long and dirty, even though I might look like a disheveled caveman.

6) I absolutely love McDonald's! They're the best fast food joint! I mean, complete satisfaction within Rs. 100! What more can one want? And Chicken McGrill is just Rs. 20!!!

7) I love C++.

Alok said...

oops, typo
4) I don't believe in luck OR God.

and about tagging 7 other people, I think I'll ditch it.

Well, again, thank you for tagging me!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


@ d sinner
chocolates love them :)
Naah I dont even want to watch it on screen :/

@ samby
did try readin them, but didnt like them as much as i did the Hardy boys,
I guess its the magic of Franklin W Dixon which makes hardy boys so good :)

@ express
thanks for that card gal, really !!!
dono who it is next time he calls ill practisee swearin on him lolzz

@ alok
Thnks man
for livin up to the spirit on a tag :):)


manisha said...

hey have already tagged dis..:(....cant gather 7 facts bout me again..:(...chocolates -slurps

SwAThi.... said...

Lol....So the CAT worry starts?? Been thru that ...Anyway a fun read :)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ manisha
thats okay :)
indeed cholocate slups hehehe

@ sawthi
do pass on a few tips to deal with it


Alisha said...

yayy...thanks to u..m gonna update my bloggie...lolol[:p]

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ alisha

finally the time has come, so do update :)


ManojVasanth said...

4th point is hilarious..LOLz!! :D

ManojVasanth said...

hey.. is this the silver line you find during Rainy season???

gunj said...

start studying girl!
high time!!

rOhit said...

I guess, every other person is the same. It should be rather 7 unusual facts about yourself!

Anyways, nice to read about you. :)

pj said...

getting inside the phone and punching him. @#$^% #*&()%&
hehehe....poor fellow...seems he's in for a lot of trouble...!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


@ Mavoj
I found it b4 the rains lolzz
the monsoon is abt 3 months away !!

@ gunj
yaah i Know , kinda realized it
on it!!!

@ rohit
yup i agree , unsual facts lolzz

@ pj
yup he would be next time he gets into my phone lolzzz

cheers n happy holi !!!